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About Jack Merino Fountains
Why Choose a Jack Merlino Original Fountain?
  • Each Fountain is a unique, hand-crafted piece that can be used indoors or outside. No two fountains are identical. Jack signs the outside of each fountain for authenticity.
  • Each fountain is designed and hand thrown on a potters wheel by award-winning New York Artisan, Jack Merlino.
  • The terra cotta clay is fired with a non-pourous, durable glaze. Therefore, it is easily cleaned of algae and hard water deposits.
  • Fountain is self contained; no water source is needed.
  • Fountains may be used indoors as a table fountain, or displayed on a matching table or floor pedestal. They can also be displayed outdoors in non-freezing weather.
  • Assemble and disassembles quickly for convenient adjustment, moving or cleaning. Each layer simply unstacks!
  • Each fountain comes with all necessary hoses and includes a durable, adjustable and outdoor-safe pump to recirculate the water, that runs on only 7 watts of electricity.
  • The electric cord exits from the bottom of the fountain, not slung over the edge of the basin.
  • We are available for help should you need advice on set-up, maintenance, or display of your fountain. Simply call us during business hours or email us.
Why use a fountain as an indoor or garden accessory?
  • A relaxing sound of nature, indoors all year.
  • A stimulating yet calming sound at work or the office.
  • Makes an artistic humidifier when used with indoor heating systems such as fireplaces, wood stoves, or forced air in cold weather climates.
  • Falling water sounds block out unwanted road and neighbor sounds.
  • Feng Shui principles indicate that fountains bring positive energy to an environment.
  • Creates a "memory fountain", as basins can display meaningful crystals, shells, stones, beads, or other memorabilia from vacations.

"A relaxing sound of nature, indoors all year." 

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