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Take a peek at the European Garden Series and see what fountain is right for you!
European Garden Series

Custom Designs by Jack Merlino (click on images for larger picture)

See here a photo of a custom, multicolored spiral fountain displayed in the waiting room of a dentist's office in Rochester, NY.
He writes that "it is a great pleasure to have, and hear patients be very impressed with it." Imagine a tall slender fountain in your atrium under a spiral staircase, or in an elegant courtyard greeting customers to your business.
Your custom fountain can be made:
- to your specific height
- in your desired color scheme
- to accommodate light and a fogger mister
Call for pricing on models like this one,
includes submersible light and fogger-mister. Height, 6'2".
Custom Fountain

Introducing our Spiral Cascade Fountain Line!
These fountains can compliment your:
  • entrance way
  • sun room
  • foyer
  • courtyard
  • atrium
  • yard and garden
  • office
  • spiral staircase
These fountains are made from:
  • handmade tile, or your personal tile
  • available in a wide variety of colors
  • custom metal brackets and stand
  • specially made pottery bowls that are tooled to fit snuggly but are easily removed

spiral cascade
Spiral Cascade, multicolor.
Custom designed, 9 1/2 ft. high. View our web site to see samples of our other styles and sizes. If you don't see your dream fountain, tell us about it, we can take your sketches and turn them into reality with clay.

5 tier custom fountain

"A relaxing sound of nature, indoors all year." 

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