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Take a peek at the European Garden Series and see what fountain is right for you!
European Garden Series

These color samples are only to be used as a general reference. Due to the rich organic nature of the fired ceramic, it is hard to represent exact coloration on the web.

Also, due to differences in individual monitors, actual colors may vary. We recommend that you choose a color that coordinates or contrasts with your decor, rather than striving for an exact match.
forest green
Iced Pink
Seafoam Green
Forest Green
lilac blue-purple
Turquoise Blue
Lilac Blue-Purple
speckled light-blue
Speckled Light-Blue
Shiny Black
linen white

Linen White,
with Specks
Additional colors not shown are:
  • Lilac/Burgundy Combination
  • Lilac/Pink Combination
Please contact us for advice on the best color choice for your fountain.
Tile samples are available upon request.

"A relaxing sound of nature, indoors all year." 

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