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Take a peek at the European Garden Series and see what fountain is right for you!
European Garden Series

Customer Testimonies

  • I have had my ceramic fountain for almost two weeks. I love it. My neighbors and friends love it. I live on a pedestrian street and passers by comment how wonderfull it is. Thank you so much for the opportunity to purchase this fountain from you. It brings a sense of tranquility and a smile to me, my friends and strangers.
    Take care and have a great summer.
    - Nelson

  • We've got the fountain all set up, accessorized with river rocks, water plants and floating candles, surrounded by plants in baskets and ceramic pots. It looks and sounds beautiful! In fact, I now think that this color was a better choice than my original selection! I am very, very pleased with the final product. Thanks for all your hard work and patient consultations with me.
    - Brook

  • The fountain came yesterday and I unpacked it today. It is prefect for what we were looking for. We are redoing our foyer to look like a Mexican patio. The four walls will be painted to look like stone with flowers and a mural of a garden. The fountain will be the center piece. The muralist doing the work says she wants to get the final product in a number of magazines. I will keep you up to sped on what is happening and send you some pictures when it is done
    - Steve

  • WOW. Its lovely. My wife wants to get started right away on changing our back yard. I think I figured out how it all goes together. I assume you silicone it all into one piece for safety reasons and the pump sits next to the plumbing fitting that is glued into the bowl.
    All the Best,
    - William

  • Jack, the fountain arrived and is beautiful. It was in great shape. Jeff remarked, "it really was packed good." Thank you for a beautiful job.
    - Catherine

"A relaxing sound of nature, indoors all year." 

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